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Global Land Cover 2000 - Legend


The GLC2000 project uses the FAO Land Cover Classification System (LCCS). This is a hierarchical classification, which allowed each regional partner to describe the landcover classes at the thematic detail best suited to the landcover in their region of expertise, whilst following a standardised classification approach.

Furthermore, the LCCS allowed the regionally defined legends to be translated into more generalised global landcover classes for the GLC2000 global product. These global classes describe the type of vegetation and the density of the cover, independent of geo-climatic zone, such as temperate or tropical forests.

The mosaicing of 21 regional products, and the translation to a standardised global legend, made it possible to create a consistent global landcover classification based on regional expert knowledge.

GLC2000 Global Legend

A short description of the GLC2000 global legend is available.

For a detailed description of the legend, using the LCCS software, we have also made available for download the LCCS list of classifiers and the LCCS standard class description. The GLC2000 legend, along with the LCCS codes for each global class is also available in either *.htm, *.txt or *.xls formats for importing into the LCCS software#.

For further information regarding the GLC2000 legend, please contactHans-Jurgen Stibig.

For further information regarding the LCCS, please contact

# Please neglect the 'error' message in the first column of these files. It is a small error in the export of the legend, and does not affect the use of the legend within the LCCS software.