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Tracking long-term (1990-2022) deforestation and degradation in tropical moist forests

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre developed this new dataset on forest cover change in tropical moist forests (TMF) using 41 years of Landsat time series. The wall-to-wall maps at 0.09 ha resolution (30m) depict the TMF extent and the related disturbances (deforestation and degradation), and post-deforestation recovery (or forest regrowth) through two complementary thematic layers: a transition map and an annual change collection over the period 1990-2022. Each disturbance (deforestation or degradation) is characterized by its timing and intensity. Deforestation refers to a change in land cover (from forest to non-forested land) when degradation refers to a temporary disturbance in a forest remaining forested such as selective logging, fires and unusual weather events (hurricanes, droughts, blowdown).