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Global Land Cover 2000 - Products


We have now released data for all regional windows of the world, as well as the global landcover classification. These datasets are now available for download in various formats, both at full resolution, and in the form of a poster. In order to gain access to this part of the site, please provide us with some general information about yourself.

The following regional windows are available for download:

South AmericaFrance
Northern EurasiaNorth America
AsiaSolomon Islands
South AsiaAustralia
South and South East AsiaNew Caledonia and Vanuatu
South East AsiaNew Zealand
Europe AllFijian Islands
North East EuropeGreenland and Iceland
North West EuropeHawaii
Southern Europe

Please CLICK HERE to gain access to the full products section.

Our data is available free of charge for non-commercial use, provided it is properly referenced (see the copyright note).

There are 2 types of product:

  1. The Global Land Cover dataset - This is the harmonisation of all the regional products, into a full resolution global product, with a generalised legend.
  2. Regional Land Cover datasets - The classification of these windows have been produced by regional GLC2000 partners, with a regionally specific legend, to provide as much detail as possible.

The GLC2000 digital database, in its entirety, should be referenced as follows:

Global Land Cover 2000 database. European Commission, Joint Research Centre, 2003.

The exact quotation for each individual product (global and regional), can be found together with the digital product, on the data download page.

For redistribution of part or the totality of the GLC 2000 database, e.g. in web sites and for commercial applications, please read our disclaimer and copyright notice.

Accuracy of Products

Product accuracy will be defined using a statistical sampling procedure. This operation is still in progress. Information will be provided as soon as it becomes available. See the disclaimer note.

Please consult the metadata of each product for more information.