Africa Mosaic of SPOT VGT data 2000

This image of Africa of the year 2000 was produced using satellite images taken from the VEGETATION instrument onboard the SPOT4 satellite. This instrument collects one full coverage of the earth, during daylight hours, each day, at a height of approximately 830km. The sensor's resolution is at 1km by 1 km per pixel.

This image was created by mosaicking each daily dataset for the whole of Africa, after cloud and haze effects were removed, for the period between 1st January to 31st December (the VEGA2000 dataset © CNES). A local contrast stretch was used to enhance certain features. The image is displayed as a Red/Green/Blue colour composite, which represents the Short Wave Infra-Red, Near Infra-Red, and Red spectral channels respectively. This band combination is optimal for the discrimination of vegetation types.

The humid forests appear in green, the woodlands and savannas in dark pink, and the deserts in bright pink and white.

African mosaic of SPOT VGT data of the year 2000

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