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IMPACT Toolbox

IMPACT Toolbox offers a combination of remote sensing, photo interpretation and processing technologies in a portable and stand-alone GIS environment, allowing non specialist users to easily accomplish all necessary pre-processing steps while giving a fast and user-friendly environment for visual editing and map validation. No installation or virtual machines are required.

Quick Data Visualization
  • Raster and vector visualization
  • Adjustable bands and stretch
  • Fast rendering with tiling approach
  • Data auto-load and refresh
  • Processing buttons for easy access
Map Visualization & Editing
  • Easy and efficient editing environment
  • Selection and recoding by:
    - class or cluster
    - single or multi polygon
  • 1 click edit
  • Class masking / showing
  • Customizable legend
  • On the fly .dbf file editing
Ground Truth Collection

Collection of ground truth data at local, national or global scale is now faster with a built-it feature editor supporting either systematic samples collection or wall-to-wall feature labeling.
  • Built-it degradation menu with identification of location, causes and intensity
  • Customizable legend

Documentation: Wiki

Training on processing Satellite imagery for Forest Monitoring using IMPACT Toolbox

Set of exercises that offers training on different techniques to map forests and its degradation. Training is based on working with the IMPACT toolbox, processing Landsat and Sentinel data. Each of the exercises is shown on real case in particular area in Eastern Africa. Different types of landscapes are reviewed, and a series of tools and methods available in IMPACT are tested.
For each exercise the necessary data are available for download. The data exercises for 2., 3. and 4. are provided also in lighter version, where some heavy files are missing (details under each exercise).
Guide Book  3.7 MB

Should you have problems downloading / accessing the data - please contact: Andrea MARELLI
Should you have comments on the exercises or wish to propose other exercises - please contact: Hugh EVA

Exercise 1: Installing IMPACT and reviewing the functions

Overview and testing of all the features that IMPACT tool offers.

Exercise 2: Creating a basic raster and vector Forest / Non-forest map

Example on the area of Ogo Mountains in Somalia. Processing and mosaicking three Landsat scenes from the year 2000. Subsequently producing a pixel classification, reviewing the results and recoding the classification (forest / non-forest). In the end a vector segmentation should be created.

Data:  509.3 MB  50.4 MB Light version of the dataset contains only one image which is already process and is covering only one part of Ogo area. The provided processed image can be clipped by Ogo shape file and then the exercise can be continued from the step g.)

Exercise 3: Mapping and monitoring in protected areas

Case study over the Solio area in Kenya. Sentinel-2 data are used to map the proportions of grassland and woodland in Solio protected area. Different types of classifications (Automatic, K-means, NDVI_cluster, PCA_cluster, UNMIX cluster) are tested in order to choose the most precise one, which should be used to create a vector segmentation.

Data:  609.2 MB  16.4 MB Light version of this dataset contains all necessary images to run all the steps of the exercise. The only difference is that the Landsat images are already processed and clipped for the Solio area

Exercise 4: Calculating forest change and emissions using CarbEF module

Example in Mwingi region in Kenya. Estimation of the areas of forest removed or degraded in two periods of time, using Landsat and Sentinel 2 images. Subsequently corresponding amount of carbon released is counted using the carbEF module.

Data:  734.8 MB  43.8 MB Light version of the dataset include everything except General data folder which is needed only for very last part of this exercise. General data folder contains activity and biomass maps for Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda and Uganda

Exercise 5: Estimating forest degradation and deforestation using a sampling approach

Case study on Nandi forest in Kenya. A random sample of boxes (fishnet) over the area is used to estimate degradation from 2001 to 2015. Subsequently a vector legend is created to identify changes (deforestation and degradation). In the end the statistic tool is used to calculate the changes that have occurred.

Data:  25.9 MB


Version 3.8b (14/11/2017)

  • New Vector Editing Tools
  • Improved Zonal Statistics Tool
  • Support for Sentine2 L2A and Bug Fix
  • Enhanced Degradation reporting tool
  • General UI enhancements
  • Overall performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

... more info ...

Downloads IMPACT Toolbox 285.1 MB (self-extracting executable)
IMPACT Toolbox 285.6 MB (compressed archive ZIP version)
User Manual v1.0 - EN  5.7 MB (the manual IMPACT v.1.0b - An up-to-date version of the documentation is available in the WIKI)
Sentinel 2A processing Guide  614.7 KB
Leaftlet - EN  869.4 KB

Previous Releases (32bit)

IMPACT Tool v1.5.1b 221.1 MB
IMPACT Tool v1.3b 211.9 MB

Other Info

For further information contact Simonetti Dario or Marelli Andrea


Copyright (c) 2015, European Union
All rights reserved.
Authors: Simonetti Dario, Marelli Andrea

IMPACT toolbox is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

IMPACT toolbox is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

Main Reference

Simonetti D., Marelli A., Eva H.D., 2015
IMPACT: Portable GIS toolbox image processing and land cover mapping
Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, EUR 27358 EN, ISBN 978-92-79-50115-9

Other references related to the use of the tool

[1] Simonetti D., Simonetti E., Szantoi Z., Lupi A., and Eva H. D., 2015
First results from the phenology-based synthesis classifier using Landsat 8 imagery
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