Global VGT burnt area product 2000 (GBA 2000)

Over large regions of the globe, fires are known to contribute significantly to the injection of gases and aerosols into the atmosphere, and to be a major disturbance to the vegetation cover. Both the scientific community and the policy makers are looking for reliable and quantitative information on the magnitude and spatial distribution of biomass burning.

Burned area in the Northern Territories / Australia

It is in this context that the Global Burnt Area – 2000 initiative (GBA2000) has been launched by the GEM Unit of the JRC, in partnership with 8 other institutions, with the specific objective being to produce a map of the areas burnt globally for the year 2000, using the medium resolution (1 km) satellite imagery provided by the SPOT-Vegetation system and to derive statistics of area burnt per type of vegetation cover.

African subset of the global map on 'percentage of the total surface area of each 1/2 degree cell burned - year 2000'

The final version of the GBA2000 product was released in December 2002. An implementation report provides descriptions of the regional burned area algorithms. A GNU General Public License document should be downloaded and read if you plan to utilise any of the programs developed under the GBA2000 project. Click on the 'Reports' button below to download these documents. Spreadsheets containing information on burned areas per country and per vegetation type are available for download in MS EXCEL format in 'Statistics'. Source information and reference material related to the GBA2000 project and partners can be seen by clicking on the 'Sources' button below. Headers for importing into ARCINFO and ENVI are provided.

In addition, one, half and quarter degree products indicating,

  1. the total number of pixels indicated as being burnt,
  2. the percentage of the pixels per grid cell indicated as being burned and,
  3. the percentage of the vegetated pixels burned per grid cell.

Click here to download the products.

Percentage of burned area in the year 2000 on six continents

Finally, through a collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program - GRID (UNEP GRID) the GBA2000 products can be observed through an Internet Map Server hosted by UNEP. Through the IMS, the user can zoom into particular areas, overlay vegetation maps and qualitatively analyse the dataset. The logos of our partners are given below. Please click on the logos to be directed to the homepage of the Institute.

For more information on this topic, please contact Jean-Marie Grégoire

UNEP-GRID, Switzerland NRI, GB UOE, Portugal IICT, Portugal IFI, Russia UTL, Portugal CNR, Italy CSIRO, Australia CCRS, Canada

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